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Balti Indian Restaurant opened in April 2008, The owners of Balti Indian Restaurant have operated several Indian restaurants in Sydney & Perth for over 30 years now specialising in North Indian cuisine.

As the owners of Balti have had more than 30 years experience in delivering high quality Indian cuisine, all of Balti’s staff have had 2 years or more experience in the hospitality industry to ensure that you are taken care of in the most professional of manners.



The herbs and spices used in every dish at Balti are directly imported from India to guarantee the true taste of India. As these spices and our chefs come directly from India their style of cooking delivers the genuine article of authentic Indian cuisine.

All of the cuisine is cooked fresh to order with fresh ingredients and can be altered at your request. The two chefs that make all this possible come from little villages in India, called Chundugi (North) and Nilambur (South). The chef from the north specialises in gourmet curries whereas the chef from the south specialises in the freshest seafood dishes.

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